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2013-04-07 Sun 00:28
Soros: It is a sensation. It broke some of the taboos of monetary policy orthodoxy and it is a very daring undertaking and actually last night Turner who has joined FSA who is now running FSA and European Stability Institute, who was a candidate for Bank of England. Now he joined us. I think it is a great coup for us not even for the world. Because he is one of the most original thinkers on this issue. He gave a speech last night which I think provided the theoretical foundations on the basis which you can understand what Japan is trying to do and that is that on conditions of deflation that Japan has been in for the last twenty five years. One way to do that is to have monetary policy which buys government bonds in the market and government bonds have been providing fiscal stimulus so that effectively does not increase the amount of debt outstanding because what as government sells bonds on one hand and the bank buys on the other hand so the government own the bank, effectively does not increase the debt, but, if it stimulates the economy uses the unused resources then the economy grows.

CNBC: Everybody has to be on board, though, not just policy makers. If people continue to suck away the money under their Tatamis, and refuse to participate, this could all fall flat in the face.
でもそのためには皆が参加しなければいけないですよね? 若し人々がタタミの下にキャッシュを貯め込み続ければ、この試みは成功しない。

Soros: Well, it could, but, actually this is why there is something so dramatic that people can’t ignore it. So, it has actually galvanized people. If you go to Japan, you will find that people are quite excited. Because for twenty five years, Japan has been dying a slow death. And now they woke up. The fascinating thing is that in Europe, the austerity program is actually leading Eurozone into exactly the same policy that Japan is now trying to escape from, after twenty five years.


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